Our expertise lies in understanding

the media landscape and creating compelling

media stories that deliver your message

Who We Are

We’re a mix of ex-journalists, communications professionals, experienced consultants and creative sparks


Dan Anderson CEO

Though he’s the CEO, Dan stays involved in every campaign his team puts out, putting the final approval on the operations that keep you a success. Dan staked out early ground in the website game. He started from his garage in 1989 and went on to build websites for Misinform, Petronia, eBay, and IBM.


Brandon Jacobs Project Manager

With over 15 years’ experience working with Java and C++, Brandon has successfully worked with Google in protecting the image of hundreds of clients. He works as our project manager, and lends insight to content management systems, development & distribution, and product direction.


Julian Valentine Vice President

Julian has an extensive history in digital marketing. He serves as Vice President for all digital development with a focus on using cutting edge technology to expand the reach of clients in a wide array of industries including social media marketing, press release, project management and mobile.


Brendan Aye IT Administrator

Brendan helps us run the software systems that allow us to be leaders in online P.R. Though he’s interested in the technical end of the process, he’s more invested in results, taking his direction from being in tune with each of our clients’ campaigns.


Warren Lubow Shareholder/VP Technology

Warren Lubow was Microsoft’s employee #56 stuffing letters at Bill’s feet in Albuquerque when Microsoft was just a two man office. Warren knows software and most importantly he has contacts deeply embedded into the .com world.


Chris Palko Head Strategist

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to every online reputation problem. There is, however, Chris Palko. When there comes a time to change strategies, to bring in an expert contact, or to generate buzz for your brand, Chris is the people-person makes it happen.